The BBC micro:bit is a simple to use and learn development board. The micro:bit is extremely easy for beginners of all ages to learn that is because of it’s simplicity of block programming  and plug-and-play electronics which align with a wide array of subjects across the curriculum.

It is one of the most popular choices for schools and colleges all over the world.

The micro:bit Club pack contains everything you need to get a small class or workshop set up to start programming. Once you have opened the pack and checked out your new micro:bits go to the free online code editors at

The pack includes:

10 micro:bits
10 micro USB cables
10 battery holders
2×10 AAA batteries.

It also includes safety guides and more information on getting started. For full details of the micro:bit please go to the about page at the Foundation website

* Note: your micro:bits will come in one of 4 colors and it is not possible to guarantee which color you will receive.

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